#84 – Take “We” Out Of Your Vocabulary If You Want To Close More Sales In Your Cleaning Company

Did you know that “We” is for selling and “You” is for buying?

Think about the last time you talked to a cleaning prospect. Did some of your sentences start with; “We do this…” and “We do that…”?  When you’re talking with prospects, how many times do you think you use the word “we”? I’m willing to bet more times than you think.

In this video I’ll share an example for getting rid of “we” and “I” in your vocabulary and close more sales in your cleaning company.

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  1. Wow. I can not say thank you so much for sharing all of this information. I’m just starting out with cleaning and this is so timely and just what I needed to hear. Thanks again

  2. Odessa Petitt

    As a former Sales Rep, and now the Office Manager/Sales Rep for my husband’s janitorial/floor care business…it was a good reminder for me as to how I need to make sure I am focusing on the potential client’s needs. Thanks for the reminder!

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