#57 – Are You Ready to Grow your Cleaning Business By Taking On Larger Accounts?

Most of us started in the commercial cleaning industry by cleaning small buildings under 5,000 sq ft. But as your business grows, it becomes more difficult to manage these small accounts and more desirable to get into larger buildings. In this video Jean offers her recommendations for moving up the ladder to larger buildings.

Are you ready for the challenge or does the thought of taking on large buildings scare you? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

This episode is made possible by The Janitorial Store, the online destination for cleaning business owners.

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  1. It is always scary to me because I am always worried about over or under bidding.

    • Nicholas Freeman

      bidding is no problem just always remember how much time and supply cost and travel time between location and days to be clean.

  2. Nicholas Freeman

    cleaning larger account is easy to manage because you can supervison all your staff in one building and less stressful on you which leave you with more free time and finances.

  3. Hi,I’m new to the buisness just starting out with my cleaning services trying to get a duns number & also trying to find out about bidding on contracts please help.

    • Natalie,
      You can get a duns # but it’s not really going to do anything for your business at this point. I recommend you join as a member of http://www.thejanitorialstore.com. For the small investment you’ll get tons of forms, educational information, a free ebook on bidding & estimating, one on marketing, advice from us in the private discussion forum, and tons more. It’s the best place to go to get a wealth of information to help you get started.

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