#42 – How Do You Deal With Cleaning Clients Who Always Ask For More?

Do you have cleaning clients that are always asking for more? Most cleaning companies do. We want to make our clients happy so often times we give away these “extras” for free because we feel uncomfortable telling them it will cost them more to receive that service.

Don’t keep giving away your time for free! Learn how to handle clients that expect more without having to pay for it.

If you’ve ever had clients that always ask for more, please share your story by posting your comments below.

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  1. Nicholas Freeman

    I have a client that expect my company to be perfect like being to picking on how cleaning jobs suppose to be such as the last crew or crews they had treated them or their other business friends poorly and they were afraid to stand up to the last crew so they take charge and be bossy to my crew as if they had the best all alone. my other clients so they had it bad and know they got it good with my company.

  2. I have clients to try to get more for free. Then after awhile I printed at list of services that we provide each time and anything after that would be additional. Now the clients gives us tips. Very nice.

  3. Hi Jean,

    How do you handle a client who tries to tell you how to do your job,but they have no idea how to do your job?

    • Hi Donna,

      Sometimes people like this can drive you crazy, right? First, try not to let them get under your skin or you’ll find yourself getting defensive.

      If it’s something small, like saying you should use vinegar to clean their wood floors, use the opportunity to explain why you do not use vinegar (it’s an acid and can damage your floor finish over time).

      Think of it as an opportunity to educate your client and show that you’re the expert.

  4. When they ask for more free services i tell them that we dont have no time and that we can come another days and if they pays us we can do it then.

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