#34 – 5 Rules of Marketing That Will Guarantee a Steady Stream of Cleaning Clients

Before you can convert prospects into cleaning clients, five things must happen. Learn the five basic rules of marketing that will guarantee a steady stream of cleaning clients.

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  1. Thank you jean/ hanson for all your hard work. I became a member few months ago and Im already learning a lot from you;merry chritsmas and keep up the good work………What Im focusing on this year is marketing, do you have any suggestions?????
    Thank you!

  2. Hi There,
    Wanted to say Thank You for all your video clips on cleaning info,its a great support to know there is help and advice out there.
    My question: I don’t understand why we need to have a brochure to advertise to our clients as they just throw them in the bin, if we have new method or cleaning products why not just inform them of that, can you explain as I’m confused.

    • I agree and don’t believe you necessarily need a brochure. However, if you do use a brochure or other collateral material, what you want to do is use it as a leave-behind. If you can get in front of the prospect, give it to him/her as you are leaving. You don’t want to give it to them before then because they’ll flip through it and not pay attention to you. They’re also more likely to keep it if you’ve already met with them.

  3. I am just starting my cleaning business and pretty excited about the whole process. My question is when do you start to hire employee?

    • Zula,
      Where are you at with your business currently? Are you doing all the work yourself, wearing all the hats? Are you starting to feel the pressure of doing all the cleaning, marketing the business, doing the books, etc? This is the time to start putting your hiring system into place. Do this before you start hiring people so you don’t make short cuts because you’re too busy to do it later. You’ll need an employee handbook, training program, and safety program. You’ll also want to plan your system for hiring and orientation. Once you get those pieces in place, start slow. I would probably hire a part time person first and go from there.

  4. Invaluable advise on a whole range of very relevant topics and at an extremely low annual subscription. Many thanks for all your hard work during 2011 and I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

  5. Both of the sites are invaulable. I like it when I ask questions and you all get back so fast.

  6. Thank you so much for all your valuable info. & Video’s and e-mails.
    I would like to see more about the hiring system and how to retain cleaning tech’s. The training process and how to train casual staff.

    Safe & Happy Holidays everyone!!

  7. Great marketing strategy. I will keep this in my memory bank daily. This will help to continue my business.

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