#30 – Client Retention for Cleaning Companies. Do You Know Your Numbers?

Learn the formula for tracking client retention, acquisition and attrition for your cleaning business.

To use the calculator mentioned in the video, go here: Customer Retention, Acquisition and Attrition Calculator

Do you know your client retention rate? Are you happy with it? If you’re not happy with your numbers, what are you doing to do to change it? Post your comments below.

This episode is made possible by our new DVD, Janitorial Employee Safety Program.

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  1. Thank you so very much for posting this video teaching me how to track retention rate! I need more help like this with my numbers

  2. You are very welcome Enid!

  3. Jean thanks for this it is very intresting
    heres my #’s for 2011 so far

    Retention Rate:100%
    Acquisition Rate:46.15%
    Attrition Rate:0%
    Customers Lost During the Year: 0

  4. Wow Matt, those are great numbers. Congratulations!

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