#3 – CleaningBiz.TV – Your VISION for your cleaning business and HOW questions that get prospects talking

Episode #3 – Lots of people have big dreams of owning a successful cleaning business, but they never seem to be able to make it happen. They struggle with the business for a while and many just give up. Or they get so far and can’t seem to get over the “hump” to get to the next level. In this video we uncover the reasons so many people fail to make their vision a reality. And we also give tips for creating your vision and then implementing the concepts to make sure your vision comes true. In the second part of today’s show we talk about “HOW” questions. You already know that in order to learn more about your prospect you must ask open-ended questions.  “How” questions are great for accomplishing this and we offer several suggested questions you can ask to get your prospects talking! We’d like to hear about YOUR vision for your cleaning business so please share your thoughts or stories about how you’ve been able to make your vision come true. And if you have more “How” questions to add to our list, please post those too! Just leave your comments in the Reply box below the video. This week’s Sponsor: TheJanitorialStore.com

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  1. I just love these! I found them on Home Cleaner Magazine. Great stuff!

  2. My vision is for our company to be the premier commercial cleaning company with branch offices in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston, Tx.
    A commercial “household” name, in fact.

    I see a large well-oiled machine that is generally managed by my daughter with day to day management by Veronica’s daughter.
    We have city and state contracts in each city; e.g., hotels, office buildings, airports, banks and schools.

    I see myself in charge of acquiring new contracts and meeting with clients to ensure their satisfaction, giving out company awards and evaluating benefits plans for the employees.

    I see my business partner evaluating new cleaning solutions / systems for the company to keep abreast of the competition and making major buys for the business.

    We both attend motivational seminars and are often asked to speak at them.

    We fly all over Texas on business in our corporate jet; and all over the world on the same jet for vacations and pleasure.

    I also see our cleaning business as generating a lot of jobs and secure futures for a lot of people.

    Through the profits we provide college / vocational scholarships to some of our employees and their dependents, as well as within the communities we serve. We also do community service (free) cleanings for people we hear about (via employees, friends, church, etc.) who are home bound and cannot clean their homes because they are sick / fell, etc. That is our ministry.

    That is my vision for our company. We just started the company Jul 1, 2010. GOD has been opening doors for us along the way and we will continue to depend on HIM for our success. We are willing to work hard to make the company what we want it to be. My partner and I have talked about our vision and, although they are not completely the same vision, they do compliment each other in terms of our level of success and our ministry.

    Velva DeRizzio
    Operation Clean Green

    • Velva,
      Wow, you have an amazingly clear and detailed vision – love it! It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done. Just make sure you are always taking action towards your goals.

  3. Wow, that’s a great video, I never realized how “how” questions can make prospects talk and tell more about their requirements and expectations. Thanks for the great video.

  4. First of all, great video! I definitively agree that some people have good visions but never take the necessary actions to make them come true.

    My vision is for my company is to be one of the top home cleaning companies in my area. I’m not looking to be a fortune 500 company but definitely would like to be perceived as a respected trustworthy company. I want people to think of my cleaning company when they hear the words, “5 Star”

    I would like to hire a staff of at least 8-10 ‘cleaning specialist’ not just workers. I want to create an organization that people would want to work for.

    My vision is to own a socially responsible company that treats its employees as good as it treats its clients. Happy employees equals good service, and good services equals happy customers.

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