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#93 – Does More Money Equal More Motivated Cleaning Technicians?

Everyone wants more money, and many cleaning business owners believe that money is the only motivation cleaning technicians need to be happy with their job. But does more money really equal more motivated cleaning technicians?

It’s true that a good compensation plan will help attract good prospects, but raising their pay is not the only answer. Here are a few suggestions to keeping cleaning technicians motivated and happy without raising their pay.

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The Workplace Conflict Starter Kit for Commercial Cleaning Companies

The Workplace Conflict Starter Kit for Residential Cleaning Companies

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4 Responses to “#93 – Does More Money Equal More Motivated Cleaning Technicians?”

  1. mariam afrah says:

    i just watched your episode #93. You talked about training your employees and motivating them. Even though I only have one employee I realized how important it is to let the employee know when they have done a good job. That’s a great motivator. It works every time.

    Thank you Jean. I really enjoyed you video!

  2. Thanks Jean I just watched # 93 That’s is a great idea. I try real hard to thank my staff and let them know that I appreication their hard work and let them know how important they are to my company. I have started many reward systems in place. which has boost their cleaning perfomances. and also grows our business.

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