#101 – Lost the Cleaning Proposal? Ask These Questions

Video Transcript:

Over the years, cleaning business owners have told us they keep submitting cleaning proposals to prospects and they keep losing out to their competitors. So they ask US to tell them why this keeps happening! Well of course Steve and I weren’t there so it could be any number of things that causes them to lose the sale. So today I want you to ask yourself some questions, and for some of you this means taking a really hard look at yourself and how you may be sabotaging your own success. So here are the easy questions; the things that many people don’t consider a big deal. But in the eyes of your clients, they ARE a big deal.

Ask Yourself These Questions If You’re Frequently Losing the Cleaning Proposal

1. Were you on time or were you late? The RIGHT answer is that you were at least 5 minutes early.

Were you organized? Some people loosely carry their marketing materials, a notebook, pen, tablet, phone and measuring device! They’re fumbling around trying to get organized and end up looking unprofessional in the eyes of the prospect.

2. Were you prepared? Did you do your research so you weren’t asking the prospect to tell you about their company? Remember, it’s your job to know!

Now ask yourself the tough questions. If you’re honest with yourself and don’t like the answers, then take steps to do something about it or you’ll continue losing out to your competitors.

3. Were you able to confidently answer their questions? If you find yourself always defending your price, the quality of your service, or other tough questions posed by the prospect, then it’s time to work on your confidence level. If you aren’t confident that your price is worth every penny, the prospect will see that as an opportunity to negotiate. And if you’re not confident about quality control, employee longevity, or a host of other subjects, you’ll probably find yourself on the defense throughout the visit. This will NOT get you the client!

4. Did you appear desperate to make the sale? Some small business owners are often so anxious to make the sale that the client reads it as desperation. They’re not going to give their business to someone that is desperate for it because it’s a sign of weakness.

5. Did the prospect ask questions about your business that made you doubt your ability to do the job? For example, they may ask things like: – How much experience do you have? – How long have you been in business? – How many clients do you have? – How do I know you’ll send me the same employee to clean every time? – What if you get hit by a bus tomorrow? That’s a lot to think about isn’t it? But it’s a good exercise for every business owner who is meeting with prospects.

Even though you thought the sale would go your way because you got along with the prospect and they seemed interested, it’s not enough. They need to not only LIKE you, they need to trust you and believe in you. And when you’re confident in your ability to handle the job at a price that makes sense, then you’ve got a much better chance to close the sale.

If you’re struggling to close the sale or to figure out what you’re doing wrong, we can help!

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