#95 – Are You Hiring or Recruiting Your Cleaning Technicians?

I’ve seen many cleaning companies improving their hiring practices in the last couple years. But with all the competition for finding and retaining talented people, employee turnover continues to be a problem in the cleaning industry.  And because many of us struggle with finding and retaining good cleaning technicians, it becomes hard to stick with our strict hiring policies.

Are You Hiring “Warm Bodies” Instead of Cleaning Technicians?

Sometimes the need for a warm body supercedes our common sense, doesn’t it. We know we should take our time to find the right people, but sometimes our growth is out-pacing our ability to find and retain employees. So we end up with these negative thoughts running through our heads.

You may think to yourself,”oh, they’ll probably leave anyway as soon as they find a better paying job”, or “why spend so much time on training when they only stick around a couple months?” The problem with this type of thinking is that when we have this attitude about hiring and training cleaning technicians, that is exactly what we’re going to get — employees that don’t stick around.

So are you hiring or recruiting your cleaning technicians?

Watch the video and then post your comments below. Please share what works in your recruiting process.


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  1. I am a small business owner struggling to bring on the right employee The challenge for me I don’t have enough work to keep someone working enough for even part time. I have one gal that works with me. I recently lost a school contract but had the workers for eight months. I think they worked well but I still was challenged with making the improvements when needed. Please help me …

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