#98 – Look For These 5 Skills When Hiring Cleaning Technicians

Finding good cleaning technicians is a huge challenge for cleaning business owners these days. Good, hard-working people are in short supply. But sometimes it’s our own fault that we’ve hired “warm bodies” instead of people we can groom into great employees.

There are 5 skills that can really make the difference in your hiring practices and give you a better chance at retaining employees. Watch the video to see if you’re asking the right questions and finding the best people.

Post your comments below and share what works in your recruiting process.


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  1. Hi Jean, I already know about “high turnover” in the cleaning industry. I have been cleaning for my boss for over 20 years now. and cleaning another particular place for over 18 years now. I used to have another account on the weekends, besides this other particular place that I clean.

    I try to keep myself motivated in my 5-day-a-week job, along with the place I clean on the weekends. I use to do 3 separate buildings on the weekends, but they have slowly dwindled. Then I was cleaning 2 different buildings on the weekends, after 15 years, one decided that they no longer require cleaning services, and the other of the three, my boss took over himself-cutting me out of the picture and hours!! I think because minimum wage increased here in Michigan. So now, I am left with my normal 5-day-a-week job and a building I clean on the weekends.
    I am afraid that my boss will take away the only weekend job I have left-because starting in January 2016, the minimum wage increases to $8.90/hr.
    What do I say to my boss, so I don’t lose my weekend hours because of the minimum wage hike.
    Why does my boss have to cut my hours when the minimum wage slowly increases over the years?
    I feel like he’s cutting me out of monies I could be earning, and doing the jobs himself to save a penny!! Or wages to me!!
    I don’t know-maybe he’s cutting my hours yearly, so he can keep making a profit on these jobs without having to pay me!! I feel so wronged-after all these years of keeping these accounts going!!! And have him take them away 1 by 1- cause he doesn’t want to cut into his profits!!
    What do you say to a boss -who you’ve worked for- for over 20 yrs. and make him understand that I have been through the “thick and thin” of this business along with him-trying my best- to keep these accounts going ?? And yet, he takes away my hours because of state mandated wage increases!! I know I am an “at-will” employee, but I just can’t get the point across- that I should be earning more than minimum wage and maybe some job earned benefits!!! Like paid holiday pay (when I am forced not to work) or even some allowed sick days, or some other kind of compensation-because I have worked for him for such a long time!!
    What do you say to a boss like this???
    He offers no recognition or advancement, ( yet alone) , wage increases- unless federal or state mandated!!
    It’s hard to keep up the motivation- when I know it will never be recognized or acknowledged by my boss!!!
    My paycheck is embarrassing!! For as long as I have worked for my boss-I kind of get ashamed that he only pays me minimum wage- after all these years!!!
    I know I have to keep an income coming in-but what happened to employer recognition or loyalty??
    People laugh at me cause I have worked over 20 years with the same employer-yet I only earn minimum wage!!!! Now that’s really a “slap-in-the-face” !!!
    FYI-my boss is a ” janitorial contractor” and also owns several rental houses. One more thing- how does my boss justify paying a man more than me-for doing the same job??? Oh, but I am an “at-will employee”- so my opinion doesn’t count!!!

    • Parker,

      I had responded to a similar post you made a while back, and it’s clear that you need to have an honest, open conversation with your employer. If you can’t do that your resentments will continue to grow. You mentioned in your last post that you are going to school. I would focus on what you really want and go for it. If school is going to get you to a better place, then go for it. Assuming you still need to work while going to school, then either talk to your current employer to see if you can make the situation better, or go find another job. There are plenty of employers seeking good people.

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